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Launchpad is excited to announce the eleven startups selected for its first batch. The brand new pre-acceleration program will provide six weeks of support in Seoul, focused on overseas market expansion. The ultimate aim is to help startups in the program secure placement at international accelerators in the USA, Asia and Europe. The program will run two batches this year and applications for batch two open in a couple of weeks.

A myriad of government funded programs promise to help startups expand internationally, but many fail to deliver convincing results. At Launchpad we’ve developed a pre-acceleration program that we’re convinced will deliver meaningful, long term results to startups.

“Government initiatives often focus on the wrong metrics and fail to address the business goals of startups they’re slated to support. Rather than a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach that ticks boxes, we’ll be developing a unique expansion plan for each startup. As a first step we’ll assess their near-mid term goals and identify the issues that are holding them back. Then we’ll develop a growth strategy that fits their specific needs. We’ll even help them execute that plan,” said Launchpad Program Director, Nathan Millard.

Startups selected for batch one include:

Frograms: http://www.frograms.com/

With over four million users across their two mobile apps, Watcha and Watcha Live, and around USD $9 million in funding Frograms are the most established startup in Launchpad’s first batch. The company boasts over 350 million cumulative reviews through its movie recommendation app, making it more successful than Netflix in Korea. The company now hopes to replicate its domestic success overseas.


Runners High: https://www.alyce.land/

Runners High have developed Alyce, an effective, cost efficient home rehabilitation service for patients suffering degenerative conditions. Paired with a TV, patients follow exercise routines from an on-screen avatar. The company plans to roll out the full, paid service in the near future having conducted exhaustive tests with patients in Korea. They also have a fun service that teaches fans the hottest K-Pop moves.


Weirdy (WRD): http://www.weirdy.co/

From Korea, the home of e-sports, Weirdy have developed a realistic racing simulator with zero latency. Weirdy brings the thrills of extreme racing to the masses and while it’s all about the high-octane race day experience, there’s a ton of impressive tech packed into the product. With product development near-complete, the company is seeking sales and distribution channels.


COOLJAMM: http://hum-on.com/

While COOLJAMM aren’t the first to market with an app-based solution to turn your hums into music, the tech behind HumOn promises market leading sound quality, especially for the premium user. The app instantly analyzes a hummed tune, then converts it to musical notation. From there you can add chords at the touch of a button and create a range of musical styles for music fans or serious professionals.


VR Leader: http://www.vrleader.co.kr/

Combining the world’s love of KPop music with cutting edge technology VRLeader have developed a virtual reality platform that helps tomorrow’s KPop stars connect with a global audience through a fun, immersive digital experience. VR Leader’s aim is to help up and coming KPop stars build a global fan base.


Amazer: https://amazerlab.com/

Today’s teens seemingly can’t get enough of sharing their videos online. In an attempt to quench a thirst for the limelight, Amazer has developed a mobile app that allows performers to compete for likes in split-screen video battles. Lip-syncs, dance-offs and other performances are catered for. The company even plans to enable payments for pre-requested performances as well as solutions for brand and influencer marketers.


TagHive: https://www.tag-hive.com/

Recently spun out of C-Lab, Samsung Electronics’ internal incubator, TagHive has developed TAG Plus, a solution that adds a social dimension to solo play for kids. Their tags can be paired with any toy, delivering a more interactive play experience. Kids can also interact via their child-safe TagHive social media platform. For toy makers the solution enables the collection of real time play data to assist marketing and product development and for parents the tags promise to extend the lifespan of children’s toys.

They have also developed TAG Leap, a solution for schools that improves communication between students, teachers and children, via a tag and mobile app. <- so any hardware would do?


EIDWare: http://soundmind.life/

MCI (Mild Cognitive Impairment) frequently hints towards the beginnings of Alzheimers. As the degenerative brain disease has no known cure, slowing progression is currently the best way to prolong a healthy life. EIDWare have developed a voice activated digital solution for those with MCI. SoundMind provides personalised brain training exercises that have proven to be more engaging than options like Soduko deliver greater ease of use than other similar digital services.


CameraFI Live: http://vaultmicro.com/

While Facebook, Instagram and other popular social networks now offer live streaming, CameraFI Live delivers a full-studio experience for creators, including high quality, real time production capabilities and real time effects.


SPRYFIT: https://spryf.it/

SPRYFIT is betting on cash to convince fitness freaks to keep to their exercise routines. Players put up hard cash, betting against others to stick to prescribed fitness programs. Games usually last a few days or a few weeks. Those that fall short forfeit their game entrance fee and those that reach their goals split the pot. SPRYFIT take a modest commision. Launched earlier this year their sites are set on US expansion, starting in fitness-crazed California.


Imperfect: https://fondof.xyz/

For grown up kids Imperfect have developed an online platform where you can get your hands on the coolest lego creations and hottest collectible characters. FONDof is an AI-powered visual Craigslist for kidults, enabling toy owners to upload their collectables for others to purchase. Imperfect take a cut from the sales and having garnered an impressive social media following, are due to launch in the next few months.


About Launchpad: Established in 2017 Launchpad selects Korean startups with global potential, provides six weeks of pre-acceleration support in Seoul, then helps them secure placement at relevant accelerators in Asia, the USA and Europe. The program will operate two 6-week batches in its first year. With a focus on practical support rather than education, Launchpad tailors its services to the specific business goals of participating startups. The program begins with the development of a cross-border growth strategy then provides coaching and practical support to help startups make marked progress over the 6-week program. Startups are provided support through the acceleration application process and are provided flights and accommodation for up to three months during overseas acceleration. The program is a public-private initiative financed by KOCCA and operated by Korea’s top accelerator and startup-focused marketing agencies.

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